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How much solar do i need?

Going solar is an excellent idea that allows you to control the production of renewable energy at your own house, for your own consumption and later selling the excess output to your retailer. It sounds quite a simple solution to harness one’s own electricity from the sun, but the the common question most people ask once they decide on getting solar panels is “How much solar do I need?”.

For your home you have to measure the volume and quantity of the entire solar panel system setup as per your energy consumption.

Installing a low capacity solar system will never generate the amount of electricity you need to bring down the cost of energy bills. On the other hand a solar system that is far over rated and producing electricity above your level of consumption will just burn a hole in your pocket.

Prior to choosing and installing solar setup you need to calculate the amount of energy or Kilowatts that you consume. By checking your monthly or quarterly bills can help you to understand your electricity consumption.


Things to remember before buying a solar setup

There is no universal unit for every single manufactured solar panel, i.e., different types and size of solar panels produce different amounts of energy that’s generally measured in Watts. So, you have to know the output capacity (Watts) of the type of solar panels that you are going to purchase.

It’s important to understand of that you won’t get a full 24X7 output of the panels rated Watts because the rated output of solar panels depend on the optimum level of direct sunlight.

Example: A 250 Watt panel may only generate 170 Watts depending on roof orientation, pitch, adjacent trees etc.


Calculate your electricity bills

You need to calculate your quarterly electricity bills and divide it with the total number of days to get your per day usage. Most retailers tend to show a daily consumption figure on their bills.

Doing this will help you to have a fair idea of the total amount of energy that you consume on an average basis.

This means you have to install a type of solar setup that can produce the amount of energy that you need on a daily basis. For small household with an average of 2 people a setup of 1.5kWh and for larger household a system of 5kWh could be good.


 What size solar system should I install?

You need to decide the percentage of electricity bill that you want to cover using a solar setup. You might want to cover hundred or fifty percent and that too for all of winter and summer season or maybe a part of it. You should also foresee the growth and drop in your electricity consumption in the near future so that you can plan accordingly and install a setup that will meet up to your expected energy consumption.


What size solar system can I fit on my roof?

You need to have a fair idea of the maximum amount of space that you can offer to install a solar setup. To accommodate bigger setup you need to have a bigger space most probably on the roof itself.


What System Can I Afford With My Budget?

Setting up of the solar system is not on the cheap side. To get the best out of your estimated budget, you need to do a lot of market research about the various solar panels that are available. Different solar panels come in different dimension, feature and price. Price also depends on the area as well as the supplier. Inverters are also very important in a solar panel setup so you need to do a lot of research before going for the correct one. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of experienced professionals will assist you in getting the best solar setup for your house.


If it ever occurs to you solar how much power do I need, then always remember to plan and decide the amount the electricity that you are going to consume based on your electricity bills as well as the amount of electricity usage that you want to cover with solar setup. In the end the amount of solar that you need depends on your electricity usage.


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