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In our city of Newcastle, a 24X7 flow of uninterrupted electricity is one of the bare necessities of life, many people in Newcastle are installing Solar Panels in order to save of their power bills whilst helping the environment day, the first step is learning how solar power works.

A typical Solar Power System consists of solar panels (Photovoltaic Cells) installed on the roof of your home. Adequate planning helps to make sure that the solar cells always faces the Sun in the most effective way, consuming the heat energy and making what is known as DC power, with the help of an inverter it converts the DC power to AC power.

The entire system is connected to Newcastle’s Electricity Grid that in turn supplies power to your home in case of any shortage in the power production of the solar power panels. Any excess power produced by your solar power system is supplied to the grid, but the good news is there’s a metering system that measures the amount of power you are selling to the grid along with the power you are purchasing from the grid. In such a way the optimum use of Electricity is assured and nothing is lost.

How Solar Power Works in Newcastle

A diagram of how solar power works

Main Solar Equipment Used

Solar Panels

Cj Electrical and Solar Newcastle uses top-notch solar panels (Photovoltaic Cells) and install them with all the required accessories that guarantee it always faces the Sun and produces an optimum amount of electricity. Silicon that is a good semi-conductor is the material that we can find on solar cells and many such solar cells form a solar panel. When sun rays hit the solar panels they absorb the heat energy that in turn tears apart the electron from their respective atoms. With the help of the conductors, Direct Current (DC) is produced when the circuit connected with the solar cells comes in contact with the electrons. The amount of energy that is Direct Current mostly depends on the number of solar panels employed. More solar panels produce more energy (DC) when they come in contact with Sun’s rays.

Solar System Inverter

The inverter is key element in how solar power works by converting the produced electricity from DC to AC form and with the help of an Electrical Panel it transfers the electricity to your home appliances for consumption.

Any excess energy that is produced beyond your usage is sent back to Australia’s National Electricity Grid. You should always use a High Capacity Inverter to deal with high voltage. Inverters can in two different types, a Central Inverter or Micro Inverter.

A Central Inverter is connected to the entire solar panel system but micro inverters are dedicated to working with individual solar panels, thus the optimum amount of energy can be produced using a modern Micro Inverter.

Electricity Meter

At night time you can power up your home with the energy stored in batteries if you have a battery system. Sometime enough energy might not have been produced during the daytime in case of a cloudy day, or for some reason you might need extra power that the solar panels might not produce.

At such times the system automatically draws power from the National Electricity Grid. There are also times when surplus energy might be produced during daytime with the solar power system. Don’t worry about losing the excess energy because the system is always connected to the National Electricity Grid and it transfers the excess energy to the grid.

Here is where the Meter comes to help. It measures the amount of energy you are drawing from the National Electricity Grid and supplying energy to it. Thus, everything is measured and recorded and you end up neither losing any energy nor paying extra.

Getting your Newcastle Solar Power System

Now that you know how solar power works are you ready to start saving? We use state of the art technology, experienced professionals, licensed electricians and provide the best service at an affordable budget that has earned us a reputation as preferred Newcastle Solar Panel Installer. With a Cj Electrical and Solar Newcastle Solar Power System, you can have a safe and uninterrupted supply of electricity at your home with the best quality components guaranteed. Just give us a call on 0409 462 399 to get a quote on a Newcastle Solar Power System.

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