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Solar for your home

Cut back on your electricity bills, not your lifestyle!

Residential solar power for a brighter future – reduce your dependence on the grid, take control of rising energy costs, and help save the environment.

CJ Electrical & Solar is one of the leading installers of residential solar power systems and as a Clean Energy Council Industry Award winner for the design and installation of a grid-connected power supply system, our team are the sensible choice for all your residential solar system installation and repair needs. 

CJ Electrical & Solar – Residential solar panel and solar system installers in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Maitland and the Central Coast regions

Our experienced, Clean Energy Council accredited solar system designers, installers and technicians work with you to design a solar system that meets your performance needs without blowing your budget – and because we guarantee the quality of all of our components, systems and workmanship and we complete all the paperwork for you – you can sit back, relax and enjoy the sunshine, knowing that your solar system installation is in expert hands. 

The best Newcastle solar panel company, hands down!

At CJ Electrical & Solar, we take pride in our reputation as a trustworthy company and this reputation is built on our honesty and our principles. We install only the most proven and reliable brands of solar systems and components. If we wouldn’t recommend a particular brand or model of solar panel or inverter to our grandmother, we won’t recommend it to you.

Many companies promise you the world and then under-deliver: poor design, unreliable products, shoddy workmanship, inadequate customer service… that’s not how CJ Electrical & Solar operate. Our residential solar experts want you to be sure you’ve made the best choice – in both the brand and type of system you select and the installation company you put your trust in – because our reputation depends on it.

How to choose a solar system – the top things to consider

There are several variables to consider when purchasing a solar power system, and these will affect the design, performance and cost of your system:

If you’d like more information about what you need to know if you’re considering a solar panel installation, and you’d rather not just take our word for it – the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator’s Renewable Energy Target website is a great place to find unbiased information.

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Residential solar systems costs and Government Solar Rebates and Incentives

The cost of a solar system depends on the variables described above and the performance requirements of your system. Our Clean Energy Council accredited solar system design and installation specialists will take the time to explain how these variables apply to your individual situation and develop a solution that best suits your home, performance needs and budget.

The Australian Government is still offering generous rebates under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, to offset the cost of purchasing and installing your solar system. Our solar specialists want you to get the most out of your system and make your installation as easy and affordable as possible. We take the time to explain how this rebate works for you and organise the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

If you’d prefer to do your own research, you can find more information about the financial incentives at the Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator’s Renewable Energy Target website.

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Why trust us with your Newcastle solar panel installation?

At CJ Electrical & Solar, our objective is to make your solar installation an easy, stress-free, and enjoyable experience, so…

The testimonials from our delighted and satisfied customers are proof positive that we deliver on our promises – read them here.

Our residential solar products

We use a range of products for residential solar needs that we know and trust. These brands are industry leaders and have given our customers proven results install after install. Some of these names might not look familiar to you, but we can assure you that they mean solar business:

Inverters: Fronius, SMA, ABB, Goodwe, SolarEdge, Solis

Panels: Trina Solar, Jinko, JA Solar, LG, Canadian Solar, Q-Cells, REC

Mounting System: Clenergy, Hopergy

For more information on any of the products we use, you can always get in touch with us to ask any questions you might have.

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Experience the CJ Electrical & Solar difference

In-house Electricians & Installation Team

Our in-house team of CEC-certified, licensed electricians complete every installation, saving you thousands of dollars. We are not a sales company, and we don’t sub-contract your job to someone else.

Finance Options Available

We are always ready to offer suggestions and alternatives to achieve the desired result within the budget specified. Talk to us about our low interest loan options.

Get rid of your power bills and get your home powered up with residential solar systems that work!

There is no one better qualified to set you up with a solar power system, solar panels or related solar products than the team at CJ Electrical & Solar. Not only is our team made up of highly trained technical specialists, we also care deeply about providing warm and compassionate customer service. The relationships we build with our customers are lasting and built on trust – something that has to be earned, not bought.

If you’re looking for a solar company that is equal parts professionalism and friendliness – look no further. Contact our team today to start the conversation about what you might need to get residential solar power in your home.