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Solar Inverter Repairs & Replacement

In your home or at the office the solar power system might use any of the inverters available in the market made by different manufacturers. As a machine, it works relentlessly to keep the power on 24X7 and sometimes even the best solar inverters stop functioning for one reason or the other.

Cj Electrical and Solar offers certified quality solar panel inverter repairs and replacement for all of the leading solar inverter brands that are available in the market such as SMA, Fronius and Enphase to name a few.

Solar Inverter Repairs Newcastle

Although it might seem that sometimes switching off and on the power buttons of the solar inverter has solved the problem, but it’s like a mirage and within a short time the inverter could be totally blown out because the internal parts haven’t received neither any health check nor any necessary replacement or repair.

Cj Electrical and Solar counts among the few best certified professional solar inverter repair services in Newcastle. Our experienced and friendly team of customer service assistance, electricians and technicians will make sure that problems with your inverter is repaired at a minimum cost and time.

Solar Inverter Replacement Newcastle

Replacing an inverter needs proper care and attention as it needs to be properly connected to the existing solar power system and the grid. Inexperienced electricians and technicians might do something wrong during the replacement procedure that can cause further damage to the system.

A brand new solar inverter replacement should be carried out by experienced professionals as a faulty installation can lead to severe problems in the near future or may cause other components to be damaged. In the Newcastle & Central Coast area Cj Electrical and Solar offers one of the most comprehensive solar inverter replacement services.

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Solar inverter maintenance & service Newcastle

There can be a wide number of possible causes behind the malfunctioning of a solar inverter. During a valid warranty period all the causes should be covered by the manufacturer as promised. The most likely covered causes may be excessive heating up of internal parts, a sudden strike by undesired lightning, variations in voltage of the main grid, a malfunctioned solar panel, faulty internal components and wires or even the battery might be faulty on battery systems.

Sometimes these causes might not be covered by the inverter manufacturer or your warranty might have simply expired. In the worst case scenario, the manufacturer might not be continuing operation or they are not accessible; in such cases the best way to solve the problem is to contact Cj Electrical and Solar. We are partners in the field of servicing and maintenance with most of the leading solar inverter manufacturers.

We will cover the warranty upon checkup and even if there’s no warranty attached to your inverter, we will perform a maintenance checkup and any required solar inverter repairs so that you don’t have to worry about spending time in total darkness. We also offer annual maintenance services at a reasonable price that you can easily avail.

Solar inverter replacement & repair cost

It’s not always necessary to do a replacement but to know whether your solar inverter needs a replacement or upgrade our team could be of great assistance. The pricing for inverter replacement can be anywhere between $800 – $3000 depending on the inverter brand, capacity and solar system size.

A solar inverter repair and solar inverter replacement cost depend on the components of the inverter. A close examination by our experienced professionals will save you from replacing the entire solar inverter if only a single or few components need replacement or even repair. We will also let you know if upgrading is a better option at a reasonable price. We never charge or exploit any valued customer and our portfolio and ever increasing numbers of satisfied customers is a proof of our extremely honest and state of the art service.

For any problems with your solar inverter, just give us a call on 0409 462 399 or email and our customer service team will get back to you to offer the best solution and service at the most reasonable price and minimal time.

Some of the Common Inverter Failures that we see around Newcastle and Central Coast are Samil, Sunny Roo and Sharp

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