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Solar Panel Installation Newcastle & Central Coast

Have you been considering Solar Panel Installation Newcastle? Are you sick and tired of seeing triple digits on your electricity bill? Thought about getting Solar Panels installed but you’re not too sure how much it will cost or who to go to?

Here at CJ Electrical and Solar we specialise in this sector, we are one of the leading certified solar panel installers and suppliers operating in the Newcastle and Central Coast area with years of experience which have ranked us among the best in the industry by satisfied customers.


Installation On Flat Roofs

Installing Solar Panels on flat roofs has become incredibly easy thanks to the technology developed in Australia, which allows the good people of Newcastle and Central Coast to save money on their electricity bills sooner rather than later.
We use Self-levelling base plates which hold the racking system on top of flat roofs. The chassis that supports the solar panels is then placed and connected to the base plates. The racks can then be tilted to alter the direction and angle of the solar panels as required. This is also done to avoid accumulation of rain water and other debris. Ballast is used in the framework to adjust the weight of the entire setup as needed, and solar inverters are then attached to the framework and connected with either screws or flanges, and the last step is connecting the solar panels to the main inverter.


Installation On Pitched Roofs

As Solar Panels installers we’re also very familiar with installing them on pitched roofs, by attaching brackets to the framework of the roof using drills and bolts. We then install aluminium rails onto the brackets using screws and flanges and cutting rails if needed. Mid and End clamps are used to hold the framework and the solar panels in place. Each individual solar panel is then interconnected using a network of cables which is then connected to the main inverter. We make sure our Solar Panels can withstand the toughest Australian weather.

Your Local Experts For Newcastle & Central Coast!

Finding Solar Panel installers isn’t hard however finding the one that operates best and specifies in the area you live in, while following all the safety protocols is hard. We can proudly say that we’re some of the best service providers for Newcastle and the Central Coast, and we also offer extended warranty & after sales services, so why not give us a chance and contact us today for a quote!



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