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Solar Power Systems

Lower the cost of your bills with a Solar Power System

Solar system cost and incentives

The cost of the solar system really comes down to the performance requirements of the system.
Many companies under promise and over deliver.

There are a number of variables to understand when buying a solar panel system. These will affect the performance of the system:

  • Panels and inverter direction
  • Pitch of the design and install
  • The surroundings (external environment and conditions)
  • Single or double storey house and the type of roof

We will take the time to explain how these variables apply to your individual situation and develop a solution that best suits your performance needs and budget.

Why choose Cj Electrical & Solar for solar panel installation Newcastle?

  • We install the most affordable and reliable solar power systems
  • Cj solar installers and technicians are committed to working with you in the design of your new system to realize your goals for saving.
  • We are credible, reliable, and will complete the job on time and within budget
  • We are affordable with high standards of workmanship
  • We will do all extra paper work – sit back and enjoy the sun!
  • We will contact you prior to installation of your solar panel system.
  • We offer a no worries guarantee
  • It is our objective to make your solar installation an enjoyable experience.

At Cj Electrical & Solar we are “Your Friends in Solar”


Government Solar Rebates and Incentives

Rebates are still available to reduce the cost of your solar system. We will explain in detail how this rebate works for you and organise the necessary paperwork on your behalf. Sit back and enjoy the sun!

Our Solar Products

  • Inverters: SMA, Samil, Zever, Fronius, ABB
  • Panels: Opel, Trina, Canadian, JA solar and LG
  • Mounting system: Antai

Our Awards:

  • Clean energy council Industry award: 2011
  • WINNER: Design and installation of a grid-connect power supply system less than 10kW.

Our Solar Products:

Fronius Grid Connected Inverters
SMA Solar Australia 300×200
Enphase Energy Australia 300×200
Tesla Solar Inverters and panels 300×200
ABB Solar Inverters 300×200
Jinko Solar Australia 300×200
LG Solar Australia 300×200
Trina Solar Australia 300×200
Zeversolar Inverters 300×200
CSUN Australia 300×200

Experience the 'CJ Electrical & Solar' difference...

Inhouse Electricians & Installation Team

With our in-house team of CEC certified Electricians we install every job ourselves saving you thousands. We are not a sales company who subcontracts the job to someone else.

25 Year Efficiency Warranty

A warranty this long gives you peace of mind that your system will produce power efficiently for up to 25 years. Depending on your choice of panel the guaranteed output can be up to 85%.

Finance Options Available

Every client has a budget and we are always ready to offer suggestions and alternatives to achieve the desired result within the budget specified. We also offer interest free finance options.

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